What We Are Working On

Hi everyone,

My name is Nathan Clark and I am the Media Coordinator here at Play For More Sports.

Thank you for checking out our site and your interest in what we are doing!

I wanted to take a few minutes to outline what is coming down the pipe as we prepare for our first full campaign launch.

Develop Sponsored Cause Partnerships

The heart of what we do here at Play For More is raise awareness and funding for the charitable causes that we are passionate about.

We are in the process of identifying the organizations that we would like to work with and reaching out to them to develop a sponsored cause relationship.

What is a Sponsored Cause?

While there are countless organizations doing great work to better the world we think it is important to have a select few organizations be the focus of our efforts. A Sponsored Cause is an organization that is working to solve issues that are close to our hearts here at Play For More that we have decided to directly support with our fundraising and public awareness campaigns.

You can find out more about what we look for in a Sponsored Cause and what we do for them here.

We currently have one charity locked in (learn more about Rapha House) and are looking to add 2-3 more before we launch fully.

Create Our Online Store

We are currently working on the designs for our apparel and gear shop. This will be our main source of revenue and the primary means of raising money for our sponsored causes.

Basic Play For More designs will have 25% of the proceeds donated evenly to all of our Sponsored Causes but any item featuring one of these organizations logos will have 50% of the purchase price go directly to that charity.

Initially our product mix will be focused around Disc Golf and Ultimate gear as those are the sports we are most familiar with. Be on the lookout in the next couple of week for when preorders are available for dri-fits, hats, performance polos, discs and much more!

Build Social Media Presence

Shortly after this initial version of our website launches we will be creating our profiles and pages on all of the major social media networks to begin building our brand image and interacting with all of you!

Raise Capital To Fund First Product Launch

Here at the start all of us here at Play For More are doing this as a part time side project and are not taking a salary. We are all working "normal" jobs and don't necessarily have the extra funds to get this idea off of the ground entirely on our own. If you would like to speed up our launch process we will be linking our fundraising campaigns here as soon as they are live.

Create PFM User Accounts

This is really what Play For More is all about. If we don't sell a single disc or piece of clothing but we inspire even a handful of people to use their athletic pursuits to create a better world around them then we have succeeded.

Our plan is to develop a interactive platform for athletes to show the world how they are playing for more than themselves.

The specifics are very much still in development but we want to have users be able to create their account, let us know what sports they play and the causes that they play for, whether they are one of our sponsored causes or ones that they are personally passionate about. We want to allow them to post their performance based donation commitments and as well as ways for friends, family and fans to give based on their results as well. We want to create community between our partner athletes and foster encouraging interactions Together we can accomplish more than we can as individuals.

Stay tuned for more news on how this develops!

Event Calendar

We will be traveling to participate in several larger Disc Golf and a couple of Ultimate events this summer and will hopefully have a Info/Merch booth at a few of them as well. Be on the lookout for when Play For More might be in your area!

That is everything that we are currently working on. We are excited to see the way that God will use PFM to accomplish His purposes and how all of you will be a part of it!