Sponsored Cause: Rapha House

We here at Play For More Sports are excited to announce Rapha House as our first official Sponsored Cause!

For those of you who are new to PFM a Sponsored Cause is a non-profit organization that we have chosen to officially support as an organization through our fundraising and public awareness efforts. The main way that we raise money for these charities is through our Apparel and Gear sales. Every item we sell will have 40% of the sale price donated to our Sponsored Causes so Rapha House will receive 10% of all of our revenue!

I was first exposed to Rapha House in college when I was an intern for Christ In Youth's (CIY) Move summer program. During our conferences we were showing a documentary that CIY had produced called "Baht". It told the story of a girl named Sophea that Rapha House had rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia. It is a heartbreaking watch and opens your eyes to horrific reality facing young girls all over the world.

Rapha House works to end the sex trafficking crisis in many ways, from raising awareness of the problems here in the United States to pulling girls out of Cambodian brothels and bringing their captors to justice. However their mission goes beyond simply saving these girls from their terrifying situations. Many of these victims have been trapped in sex trafficking since they were very young and due to their lack of vocational skills and the intense physical and emotional trauma they have faced as many as 80% of those who are rescued end up falling back into drugs and prostitution. They need more than just a way out. They need hope. They need healing.

That is where the name Rapha House comes from. Rapha is a Hebrew word that means healing. When Rapha House rescues a girl from sex trafficking they are taken in to one of their safe houses. They operate four locations (2 in Cambodia, one in Thailand and one in Haiti) that can house up to 165 girls total. In these safe houses they receive medical attention, trauma counseling, vocational training and most importantly are exposed to the healing message of Jesus Christ.

We are very proud to be partnering with organization that is effecting real change in one of the worlds darkest problems. You can learn more about the work of Rapha House on their Sponsored Cause page here.

Keep your eyes open for Rapha House products when our online shop launches in a few weeks!