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Launch Progress Update!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute to update you on what has been going on around Play For More.

We have been working hard on a lot of behind the scenes aspects of starting a new business (lots of legal and financial boxes checked off!) and are getting really close to getting off the ground for real!

Shop Preview Is Live!

Our first set of products have been created and can be viewed now in the shop. We are printing some tester apparel now (I'm wearing the very first PFM hat as I write this!) and will be taking preorders very soon and hope to start shipping apparel in early August!

Sponsored Cause Updates

Due to legal and branding concerns we have had to reorganize what our Sponsored Cause program looks like. For the moment we have decided to forego creating apparel and gear branded with charity logos and are instead focusing only on PFM branded apparel and increasing the donation percentage from 25% to 40%.

There will be another post detailing those changes very soon.

Rapha House and Food For The Hungry are still on board and we hope to be announcing our third and fourth sponsored causes very soon!

Dynamic Member Portal

This one we are really excited about! We are in the process of hiring a web developer to design a member portal area of the site where athletes can create profiles to tell the world the sports they play, the causes they are passionate about and the performance based commitments they have made to donate to those causes. Then their fans can create their own profiles so that they can follow the athletes performance, cheer them on and match their commitments. We are still looking for a creative name for it but should launch in the next month or so! Here are some previews of the concept pages we built so you can get an idea of what it might end up looking like!

Promotional Materials

As we get ready to launch our shop and the member portal we are looking to up our promotional game!

Soon you should start seeing more promo posts from our social media accounts (make sure you share those!) as well as social media advertising.

We will also be working with Glory Visuals to create a series of "About Us" videos to highlight who we are, what we do and how we do it as well as a promo commercial we can use to advertise through different media outlets. If we can get everything we need together in time we also hope to have a vendor booth at both the Ledgestone Insurance Open and Pro Master World Championships disc gold tournaments in August.

Capital Fundraising

We haven't pushed this very much yet but as we have some more tangible things solidified and our plan laid out more clearly we feel ready to kick this into gear.

The fact is starting up any business takes a significant amount of resources. We truly believe that this is a pursuit that God has laid on our hearts and we are pouring as much time, effort and personal finances into PFM as we can. We have some big visions for where PFM can go and what PFM can do but it is limited by our current financial resources.

I am in the process of updating our GoFundMe page with all of the big expenses we have coming up to start creating the positive impacts that we strive to and will be writing a more detailed post on this topic soon as well. The short version is we can start doing more sooner with your help!

That's about everything we have going on here at Play For More! This will be an exciting time here as we begin to launch everything we've planned and worked so hard to create in the coming weeks and months.

Stay tuned for more announcements soon!

For His Glory

Nathan Clark

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