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We are very excited to announce our third Sponsored Cause:!

Play For More Sponsored Causes are non-profit organizations that we have chosen to officially support as an organization through our fundraising and public awareness efforts. The main way that we raise money for these charities is through our Apparel and Gear sales. Every item we sell will have 40% of the sale price donated to our Sponsored Causes which means that will receive 10% of all of our revenue! was founded in 2009 by social entrepreneur Gary White and actor Matt Damon to pursue innovative ways to address the global water crisis.

This is an issue that is particularly close to our hearts here at Play For More. In his college days our founder used his position as Intramural Coordinator at his campus ministry to encourage his fellow athletes donate to another organization that provided safe water in developing countries. In many ways that was the first version of PFM and the inspiration for what we are now.

But beyond sentiment we are passionate about the global water crisis because it is one of the most widespread and devastating issues facing our world today.

844 million people — about 1 in 9 — lack access to safe water; 2.3 billion — about 1 in 3 — lack access to a toilet. Leading to an estimated 1 million deaths annually due to preventable sanitation related illnesses

Millions of families spend more than 20% of their income on water. They are caught in a cycle of poverty, unable to afford permanent access to water in their homes and beholden to water merchants who charged exorbitant fees. strives to break down the financial barriers for poor families in developing countries to obtaining access to safe water and sanitation in their own homes. Through their WaterCredit program they offer affordable microloans to individuals to cover the costs of water connections, toilets and other safe water and sanitation solutions.

This gives them more affordable access to water and a much healthier living environment. When their lives are not controlled by the need to scavenge for water children can go back to school and their parents are free to earn more income.

All of these factors make these microloans incredibly effectively with over a 99% repayment rate and every loan repaid can then be loaned out again to another family in need, multiplying the impact of every dollar.

We are very proud to be supporting's efforts to solve this incredibly important issue in our world. Find out more about here and visit our online store to help us support them!

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