Sponsored Cause: Compassion International

We are very excited to announce our fourth and final Sponsored Cause: Compassion International!

Play For More Sponsored Causes are non-profit organizations that we have chosen to officially support as an organization through our fundraising and public awareness efforts. The main way that we raise money for these charities is through our Apparel and Gear shop. Every item we sell will have 40% of the sale price donated to our Sponsored Causes, so Compassion will receive 10% of all of our revenue!

Compassion gives children living in poverty around the world hope for the future through holistic child development, meeting their spiritual, physical, social and economic needs in the name of Jesus.

They do this by connecting sponsors in the developed world with children in poverty stricken areas. Not only does this provide for the child's need financially but sponsors are encouraged to write their children regularly to give them the feeling of being wanted and valued.

They work directly with indigenous churches to identify the children in most desperate need and when a child is selected for the program they receive physical benefits such as nutrition and healthcare as well as an education, life skills training, vocational programs, spiritual development.

Jesus Christ is the core of their ministry. His life and teaching shape their programs. It guides how they love people, respect communities and cooperate with nations. They teach God’s Word in their centers but do not require any child to become a follower of Jesus. Jesus welcomed everyone, and they do too.

Compassion is a cause that has been close to my heart for a very long time. When confronted with the staggering statistics of poverty in our world is it easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Over 1 billion children live on less than $2.50 a day and an estimated 22,000 die from poverty related causes every day. I can't even begin to fathom those kind of numbers let alone try and find a solution. Nothing I can do can make a significant difference to either of those numbers.

What Compassion does is give me a real, meaningful way to do something about the global poverty problem. I may not be capable of helping the billion but through their sponsorship program I can make a world of difference for one child. I believe God doesn't call us to tackle the huge problems in the world on our own but he does call us to do what we can. I don't have to end poverty in the world, but how can I do nothing when I can end poverty for at least one child.

Their holistic development approach is also very important to me. I am not just providing my sponsored child with the aid he needs to survive today but through Compassion I can giving him what he needs to break the cycle of poverty through education and vocational training and I am also ensuring that he hears the message of love and hope that comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here at Play For More we have chosen to specifically support their Unsponsored Children's Fund. At any given time there are as many as 90,000 children that have been registered with a Compassion program but are waiting on a sponsor. We want to do our part to ensure that those children are provided for until they haven their own official sponsor. Find out more about Compassion here and visit our online store to help us support them!