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2019 Plans

Hello again everyone!

2018 was an incredible year for Play For More Sports.

So many things that were just dreams and ideas a year ago are now a reality! We spent a lot of time building the ground work for what God will do through this organization in the future.

To be honest with you it has not always been easy. We hit a few speed bumps and things have not taken off as fast as we dreamed they would. Some projects ended up being more complicated than we expected and took longer than we have planned but we have slowly but surely been making progress that we believe has set us up for big things in 2019!

As you celebrate the start of the new year I wanted to take a minute to give you a run down of what we have in the works for our first full year!

Team Play For More:

First and foremost we are excited about the progress we are making on our Member Portal.

Team PFM is one of the biggest ways you will be able to join with us in changing the world through your own athletic pursuits. You can check out our in depth preview here but the short version is you will be able to create a profile that allows you to show the world how you are giving back through playing the sports you love and invite others to come alongside you and multiply your impact!

Our hope is that this grows into a real team. A community of athletes and their fans who are encouraging and supporting each other as they work towards the common goal of making this world a better place for everyone through sports!

Expanding the PFM Store:

In mid 2018 we launched the first set of products in our online store. For those of you who may not know merch sales is the main way we raise money for the Sponsored Causes that we support directly. We donate 40% for the total price that you pay divided evenly between these charities.

We have plans to launch several new sets of products this year. We will be increasing the variety of products we offer including Women's cuts, shorts, hoodies, discs, and water bottles, among others.

In 2018 we released 2 sports specific lines of products, Ultimate and Disc Golf. We are currently designing logos for additional sports and plan to release 3-6 more lines this year.

We are also close to adding customizable products to the store as well. You will be able to add your name, number, and/or the name of your favorite charity.

Promotional Push:

Now that we have most of our infrastructure built we are preparing to start more aggressive promotions.

We will be working with some good friends of ours to create some promotional videos and do a few product photo shoots. Then we will use these assets to pursue affordable advertising opportunities.

We will also be making a concerted effort to be more active on social media and create more content. Let us know how we can best engage with you and the types of content you would like to see!

In the next few days we will begin reaching out to various celebrity/star athletes who we believe may be willing to get on board with our mission and use their platform/following to accelerate our growth.

Event Calendar:

As we move forward attending major sporting events with a vendor booth will be an important part of our marketing strategy. Soon we will be purchasing a custom tent and other promotional surprise that we will need to head to our first event.

We hope to attend at least 5 events this year. We are still developing our calendar for the year but God willing we will be vending and potentially running a side event at the Glass Blown Open as well as the Ledgestone Open Disc Golf tournaments.


As we prepare to do all of these things we are confronted with the harsh reality that they all cost money.

So far the staff here has been funding our start up costs out of our own pockets and all of us have committed to doing this work on a volunteer basis, not taking any kind of salary.

In order to do all of the things that we want to do as soon as we would like to do them we are in need of raising additional capital. We have a plans for a few methods to accomplish this.

We are in the process of reaching out to our friends and family members to crowd fund some of our expenses. If you would like to be a part of helping us turning our ideas and dreams into reality you can visit our GoFundMe page we would be incredibly grateful. It includes a more detailed list of how much we are trying to raise and where that money would go. We are also in the process of planning some local fundraiser events over the next couple of months. We are working on hosting both Ultimate and Disc Golf tournaments and we plan to split the proceeds between a local charity and our start up costs.

2019 is ripe with opportunities and has the potential to be a very big year for Play For More. This also means that we have a lot of work to do! We pray that we are faithful to do our part to step through the doors God will open for us.

We also hope that you will come alongside us as we begin to start making a difference in the world!

For His Glory,


PFM Media Coordinator

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