A Message From Our Founder!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first iteration of our website!

We are working hard to complete the site with what we hope will be some pretty cool features. We will detail those in another post but I wanted to take the opportunity to give you a little more insight on how the idea for Play For More came about.

Sports have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Ever since my parents signed me up for my first soccer team at 4 years old I've been competing in as many sports as I could get involved in.

I first picked up Disc Golf when I was in college on a summer internship. My bosses were really into the sport and took every opportunity they had to get out of work early and take us out to the course. I was hooked instantly and by the end of the summer had my own bag of discs.

I was talked into my first tournament that fall. It was pretty ugly, but being the competition addict that I am it just gave me a drive to come out again and get better. I began travelling all over the Midwest playing as many events as I could. As with almost all of my athletic pursuits in my life I was a solid player but nothing incredible or special.

In 2015 I had been playing in the top amateur division for a few years and while when I would have a good weekend I could be reasonably competitive it was pretty clear that I was not on my way to being a top level pro player. All to often my inconsistency would lead to really disappointing results and all to many rounds where I just wasn't having any fun.

Going into 2016 I began to think about all of the time, money and effort I was putting into my Disc Golf "career". I thought long and hard about what the point was of traveling and spending the money to play all these tournaments, As I said earlier I was not on my way to becoming a successful professional player so that leaves me with doing it for my own enjoyment. When you look at it that way it started to seem like a very selfish way of using the limited resources that God has blessed me with. If it just about a fun way to spend my weekends surely I could find a much more meaningful way to spend my time, money and energy, especially since all to many of those weekends were spent playing frustratingly bad and not having any fun.

For a while I contemplated giving up tournament Disc Golf and keeping it much more occasional recreational hobby. Then I thought back to a friend I had met while interning with Christ In Youth in college. He had become passionate about the water crisis in Africa and founded an organization called Active Water in order to do something about it. Active Water was a group of athletes, mostly from endurance sports, who used their athletic pursuits to to raise awareness for the cause and money to build wells. They would also encourage their friends and family to "sponsor" them and donate based on miles they completed.

I began to envision how I could use this idea to justify continuing to use Disc Golf as a competitive outlet. I decided to pick a handful of charitable causes that I feel very passionate about and donate to them based on my performance. I had some apparel made featuring their logos and then gave $1 per birdie, $2 per bogie and 10% of any winnings to whichever charity I represented that round.

As I went through the rest of the 2016 season I began to feel called to take this idea and make it not just something that I'm doing myself but that I'm encouraging others to do as well. To make it about more than me and my performance but about bringing other people alongside me to maximize the impact we can have on the world.

That is when Play For More Sports began to take shape. We want to inspire all athletes in every sport to compete for more than personal accomplishment, more than wins and losses, more than fame and recognition and even more than the love of sports. What could the world look like if every athlete used their competitive pursuits as a platform to effect positive change in the world? What if sports became about solving the worlds problems and not just about entertainment?

I hope this gives you a little insight on our journey to this point and what is at the heart of what we are trying to create. We would love for you to join alongside of us and let us know what you are playing for!

Stay tuned for more details on how you can do just that!