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Team Play For More!

Hey everyone!

If you have been keeping up with our other posts you have heard us mention the interactive member portal that has been in development.

For a while we were calling it LeaderBoard but we recently changed it to Team Play For More because we feel that better fits the community we are trying to create.

So what is Team Play For More?

Team PFM is the part of what we want to do here at PFM that we are most passionate and excited about. It is a way for athletes and their fans to join us in using competitive sports as a platform to create positive change in the world.

When you join as an athlete you create your profile telling us a little bit about yourself, the sports you play and the causes you are passionate about supporting. Then you post the events you are competing in and your performance based commitments to donate to the charities you have chosen to support. Then fans and other athletes can match those commitments and leave you encouraging notes to cheer you on as you Play For More.

If you are not an athlete but you want to support you family and friends who are you can join as a fan. Fan profiles allow you to search for your favorite athletes and match their commitments. We have also included a feature that enables you to create a placeholder profiles for athletes and teams that are not on Play For More yet. This way you can cheer on any of your favorite teams and players and donate based on their performances.

We are very excited to have this feature so close to being ready to share with all of you! We are currently beta testing the platform and hope to publicly launch within the next month!

Let us know if you have any questions or what you want to see as part of Team PFM!

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