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Our main goal here at Play For More is to inspire athletes around the world to use their athletic pursuits to create positive change in the world around them.

Team PFM is our way of giving athletes a platform that allows them to take ownership of the causes that they care about and enables them to mobilize their fans to come alongside them to make a real impact in the world!

Our hope is that this grows into a real team.  A community of athletes and their fans who are encouraging and supporting each other as they work towards the common goal of making this world a better place for everyone!

What Is It Going To Look Like?

We are still in development but we wanted to give you a preview of what you can expect when we launch the platform in early 2019.

To create your athlete profile all you will need is a valid email address.  You will have the option to include other basic information that will appear in your stat line, as well as a profile picture.

You will also be given space to tell the community your story.  Let us know why you have decided to Play For More, and why the causes you support are important to you. 

Once your profile is created you will be able to list all the sports that you play including the teams that you are on, the numbers you wear, and positions you play.

The "Who I Play For" section is where you showcase the charities or non-profits that you are passionate about supporting.  This will include links to their website so your fans can check them out. The giving numbers will automatically update when you report results from events you compete in.

This brings us to your "Events" tab.  Here you will be able to list all of the competitions you participate in, whether it's the pickup basketball game at your local gym, a competitive league or a professional playoff game.

All you have to do is put in the name and date of the event and you can select one of your sports and the cause you are supporting at that event from the lists you've entered.

Then you have the option to set up to 5 performance based donation commitments.  This is how your stats start turning into real world impact.

You can enter any statistical category that you can track and assign the dollar amount that you are committing to give to your selected cause based on your results.

Once your event is posted your fans or other athletes have the ability to "Match" your donation commitments.  They will have the option pick and choose which of your listed stats they want to match and the amount that they want commit to that stat.

They can even leave an encouraging note that will appear on your "Cheering Section" feed.

After the date of your event passes it will automatically move down into your past events and you will be prompted to report your results. 

When you do the system will calculate the amount of your personal giving commitments, the fan matches and notify them of those numbers.  Your totals on your "Bio" page will also be updated.

Your "Cheering Section" will show you the list of all your "fans".  Anyone who matches an event, clicks the button or posts a cheer will be added to this list. 

These people will be notified any time you post new events.

This tab is also where you will be able interact with them when they leave encouraging notes or "cheers" that you can reply to.

If you have friends and family who want to be able to follow what you are doing on Team Play For More and match you commitments but don't play sports themselves we will have Fan accounts available just for them!
These profiles are simplified versions of the "Athlete" accounts with just the features they need.

They will be able to search all active Athlete accounts to find the ones they want to follow and match their commitments. If their favorite players or teams don't exist yet there will also be a feature that allows them to create placeholder profiles for their favorite Star Athletes or Teams. They can then post events for these athletes and make donation commitments based on their real life results. These "profiles" will be available for others to find and they can match existing commitments or create their own.

(Athlete profiles also have this feature in their "Fandom" section.)

Both Fans and Athletes will have the ability to share most of their Team Play For More activity to their social media accounts. 

Whenever you post an event, match a commitment or report results you will be prompted to make a post that invites your friends and followers to join you in making a difference in the world through sports!

This Is Just The Beginning!

This covers most of the features that we plan to have available when we launch in January of 2019!  We have plenty of ideas for features to add in the future including an exclusive Team PFM collection in our Apparel and Gear store!

If you have other features that you think would be great additions to the program or have any questions about the ones that we talked about here feel free to hit us up at!

2019 Plans

January 1, 2019

Team Play For More!

September 23, 2018

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