Who We Are

Here at Play For More we love sports.  Most of our staff have been watching and playing sports for as long as we can remember.  Some of us even made working in the sports industry our full time career.

We all play for different reasons.  The thrill of victory or the love of the game.  The pursuit of personal accomplishments or the bonds we form with our teammates. The physical benefits of staying active or the drive to push our bodies past their limits. 

All of these make sports great but what if they could be more?

We believe that if we can harness the passion of athletes and their fans and inspire them to focus that on something bigger than personal or team achievement that sports can become a driving force for positive change in the world.

We Play For More and we want you to join us!

Our Mission

Play For More exists to raise awareness and financial support for charitable causes we are passionate about through the platform of sports and to inspire others to do the same

Our Vision

We want to see athletes in every sport, at every level, in every country changing the world by playing for more than self-fulfillment.

Our Motivation

Here at PFM we are unashamedly driven by our faith in God and the salvation offered through Jesus.  His love for us and the desire to share that love with others through our passion for sports is motivation behind everything we do.  

We don't expect or require you to share this motivation to be a part of our team.  We want you to play for whatever causes mean the most to you and for whatever reasons move your heart.  As long as you are passionate about sports and using them to effect positive change on the world you are always welcome as part of the Play For More family.

However we are not going to hide that it is the core of who we are.

Colossians 3 says that as a follower of Jesus everything you do should be done with all your heart and for his glory. Our work here at PFM is born out of a desire to live out our faith through our passion for sports.

Read more about our origin story here!

Our Methods

Play For More Sports is officially a for profit organization for tax purposes, but we exist solely to raise awareness and funding for charitable causes and to inspire others to do the same.

For our staff this is purely a labor of love and the pursuit of what we believe God is calling us to do.  No one at PFM takes a salary from the organization and we intend to keep it that way.

We work towards our mission in 4 major ways.

Sponsored Cause Partnerships

The Play For More Store

Event Presence

Team Play For More

Sponsored Causes

We encourage our partner athletes to support whatever charities they connect with most but as an organization we can only effectively impact a few at a time.  

Sponsored Causes are the non profit organizations that we have chosen to directly support with our fundraising and marketing efforts.  Find out more about who we have chosen and why here!

The Play For More Store

The primary way we raise money for our Sponsored Causes and our own operating expenses is through the sale of branded athletic apparel and gear.  We have committed to donating 40% of all our sales directly to our the charities we support.  Our partnership with Disc Store makes this aggressive donation percentage possible!


PFM gear also let's our partner athletes display their commitment to giving back and playing for something bigger than themselves while competing. It can also serve as a good conversation starter with other athletes.


We are always adding more products, designs and sport specific lines.  Check out everything we have available here!

Event Presence

A key piece of our marketing efforts will be opportunities to run a vendor booth at high profile sporting events.  This will allow us to directly connect with a large number of athletes and fans to share our vision, promote our Sponsored Causes and encourage them to join with us.

Team Play For More

This is the main way for athletes to partner with us in changing the world through sports and is the most important part of what we do. 

Through the Team PFM portal athletes will be able to create profiles that display their sports and charities that they are passionate about as well as their performance based commitments to donate to those charities.  They can then invite their family, friends, fans and other athletes to join them by matching those commitments.

Our goal is to grow Team PFM into a thriving community of athletes and their fans encouraging and inspiring each other to actually change the world though sports.

We are currently in the final stages of development and hope to launch the portal in January 2019!

Check out the preview here!

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